Saturday, 14 June 2008

PDFs Now Viewable in Google Docs

          Good news for all of you Google Docs users, PDFs can now be uploaded and viewed in Google Docs. They are uploaded just like any other document, the file size limit is 10 MB if uploaded from your computer, and 2 MB from the web, and 100 PDFs can be uploaded in total. I uploaded a 210 kb file, and it was super fast. In the Official Google Docs Blog they also mention that the PDFs are not editable....yet, I can't wait for this feature to be added. 
          I just love the way how everything can be stored online, it just makes life easier. For example, I am currently conducting some drinking water quality research which equates to a ton of PDFs. These are currently on my work computer, so if I want to view one of these at home, I need to transfer it to a USB memory stick, which in the rush to finish the workday, I often forget. Now I can upload all of my PDFs, and view them anywhere, life just got a whole lot easier. 

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