Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Fireox 3.0

Yesterday Mozilla released FireFox 3.0, which I am currently using to write up this blog. In the past I used a previous version (2.something) for most of my web surfing, but I found it rather slow, but faster than Microsoft Internet Explorer which is absolutely brutal. FireFox 3.0 is much faster, and comparable to Apple's Safari which is fast, but often freezes and when terms are typed in the navigation toolbar (i.e., Google webmaster), even though the site has been visited before, the "Safari can't find the server" screen appears, this gets really annoying. According to Mozilla, FireFox 3.0 is 3x faster than its predecessor and 10x faster than Internet explorer 7. FireFox 3.0 was super easy to install, and only a few plugins had to be added. Besides speed, it has a somewhat new look, uses less memory, and has an improved bookmark feature. Something I just discovered is that in Blogger, adding photos is super fast with FireFox 3.0, and unlike Safari, I can alter the dimensions of posted photos. Along with the 7.6 million people that downloaed FireFox in 24 hours, I'm definitely going to be a FireFoxer again!


  1. Hey just randomly came across your blog, I like it! If you like firefox apple and facebook here are some links for you . . .

    Have a great day! Jorin.

  2. Thanks for the links, especially the facebook one, it has changed my life! Have a good one!!