Friday, 4 May 2007


Toronto is an amazing spot. The first thing that we noticed was that everyone had nice dress shoes, no one was wearing running shoes or hikers. Everyone was well dressed and very "in-style" and had extremely nice cellphones. Prior to the trip people had warned us of the unfriendly people in Toronto, as we discovered, this is definitely not the case. People were very friendly, we would ask people for directions, they would tell us and then have a chat. The weather was really nice, but the type of heat was sort of different. On Sunday, April 22nd, the temperature was 25oC, but it only felt like 15oC in Newfoundland. The air was really dry, therefore more water was evaporating from our bodies and thus keeping us cool, in Newfoundland evaporation rates are lower because of a higher humidity (moisture content), thus 25oC would feel warmer. The food in Toronto is superb, we ate some delicious Thai and had an excellent German sausage. We did the usually tourist things, and upon recommendation of a friendly Toronto person, we spent 2 hours on the street cars (which we were amazed by) and got to see part of the city. My favorite part of the trip was the MEC store, it was huge, prices were really good, and staff were friendly. Next post will be about our Kitchener-Waterloo experience!!