Thursday, 27 December 2007

Enjoying an Apple iPod Nano

Once again, Santa was very good to me and brought me an extremely nice present, an iPod nano. This is my first mp3 player, and it is excellent. Throughout the years friends have told me about the excellence of Apple products, now I am finally experiencing it. The iPod nano was extremely easy to setup, itunes was simple to install, and both of them sync superbly. Buying media is a breeze, basically you setup an account and with a few clicks of the button, you can have something purchased. Besides handling music and media, it can store photos, has neat accessories such as a calendar, and can also play some basic games including my all time favorite Sonic the Hedgehog; this will definitely make those long nites in the lab pass by a lot faster. I am so impressed with this product, that I am considering buying an iMac as my next computer. If you are interested in purchasing a mp3/video player, you should definitely take a bite out of this Apple.