Sunday, 23 September 2007

Google and Goggle

I was at a "tire store of Canada" today and I saw a package that I thought read clear google, upon a second look it was clear goggle, at this moment I realized that Google had taken over my life. First of all, I absolutely love gmail, if you haven't tried it, you should, it will change your life. Besides having a storage of 2.9 GB, which means you never have to delete your emails, you can access a wide range of Google products. Picassa is a versatile photo editor and is extremely user friendly, photos can be uploaded to the web, and these can be accessed through Gmail. Google Docs can also be accessed within Gmail, and consists of a word processor, spreadsheet, and presentations application. These three are all very basic, but they are done online as opposed to offline which eliminates those nasty file transfers between computers. I usually compose my documents using these three and "spice" them up with other applications. Google Calendar can also be used within Gmail, and is excellent for staying on top of one's busy life. This can be added to Google Desktop to easily see the reminders set for a particular day. Google has many other products (like Google Earth, totally amazing), you should definitely check them out at Google Products, Google is da bomb!!!