Thursday, 1 February 2007

Raving about R.A.V.E.

I've been attending and then working at MUN for approximately 11 years now, and over this time span I have become interested in many things. My latest interest is the Corel product R.A.V.E. The letters in this acronym stand for Real Animated Vector Effects, and is a very useful piece of software for making animations. The interface is very similar to Corel Draw, which I am very familiar with and use for any drawings/figures required for the Science 1150/1151 lab manuals. I am just at the tutorial stage of this piece of software, but it appears very powerful. In a 10 minute tutorial I have made a logo of the planet earth with words rotating around it. These files can be exported as .swf files and are commonly found as flash animations on websites. Check out my website at in the near future for some of these animations. Cheers to everyone out there!!!