Monday, 16 June 2008

I like igoogle

Are you in need of a personalized homepage? If you are, then you should check out igoogle. This basically adds gadgets to your webpage for stuff ranging from facebook status updates to baseball scores. The gadgets that I am currently using are:
  • Google Talk: Allows chatting within the homepage
  • My Facebook: Basically facebook in a box. Status updates, photos (delayed), profile, and most of the facebook goodies can be viewed here.
  • Gmail: Inbox can be viewed.
  • Google News/Technology: Feed of top headlines in the world news and technology sections of google news.
  • Hotmail: Yes, I am ashamed to have a hotmail account, but I've had it for years and random old friends email me here. I can view hotmail messages with this gadget.
  • Google Calendar: I can view all of my events plus I can use quickadd to add an event.
  • Google Map Search: Self Explanatory
  • ESPN NHL Scoreboard: Scores of NHL games are frequently updated (no hockey until October :(
  • MLB Scoreboard: Similar to NHL Scoreboard.
  • Google Docs: Lists most recently edited docs.
There are many more gadgets available. Also, the theme (header) of the webpage can be changed and tabs can be used to organize gadgets. What I love about this program is it's timesaving ability. Instead of searching a series of webpages, I can quickly see them on one personalized homepage on any computer or mobile phone. Google you have done it again!

Typical igoogle webpage


  1. I've heard of it, planning on trying in the near future, thanks.