Monday, 16 June 2008

Page Creator

If you want to easily design a website, Google Page Creator is the answer. I have developed my first webpage with this product and it was super easy to do. Like most Google products, you need a Google account, then you can start creating and adding pages to your site. With a few simple clicks, images, links, and headings can be added along with basic text formatting and bulleted/numbered lists. The webpage can have several different looks, such as 1 column, and there are about 15 different colour/design templates. There are a ton of gadgets that can be added, examples of the ones that I am using are Picasa web album viewer , the periodic table, and a simple fish animation. The Google page creator discussion group is extremely helpful and here is an example. One of the negative things about Google Page Creator is the column width, I wanted to increase it, so I posted the question on the discussion group, and within 1 day an answer was provided that involved producing a css file and adding some provided code, and it worked!! If your wanting to make a simple, yet sexy website, you should check out Google page Creator.

Snapsot of Google page Creator Editor

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