Sunday, 22 June 2008

Google Presentations

Google Presentations is part of the Google Docs suite of software which is free and done online. This is the newest member of the three (others are spreadsheets and documents) and the most basic. Right now it is somewhat limited but simple presentations can be made and can be easily embedded into a website or blog (see below). Problems that I encountered are:
  • No special characters
  • No subscript/superscript
  • Shapes are very limited
  • No animations

Advantages to using this program are:
  • No file transfers
  • Sharing with others is super easy
  • Presentations can be easily added to a website/blog (~4 clicks)
  • Gchatting can occur within the program
  • Videos can be added to presentations with ease
  • Does not require any software installation
Hopefully Google Presentations will evolve like other members of the Google family and the world can move away from PowerPoint.

Presentation Created with Google Presentations

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