Thursday, 26 June 2008

My Five Favorite Things to do With Google Earth

Like a lot of people, I love using Google Earth , my five favorite things to do with Google Earth (free edition) are:
  1. Calculate distances for potential bicycle rides using the ruler (Tools Menu) function, also examine elevation changes.
  2. Looking at animations such as those released at Popular Science.
  3. Using the flight simulator (Ctrl+Alt+A)
  4. Exploring space with Sky (planet shape icon underneath menu), my favorite feature is planet animations.
  5. Random exploring of the high resolution areas of the planet, especially those with streetview and with lots of topographic relief. I spend a lot of time circling the globe and looking at GigaPan images.
Google Earth is an excellent product, I can literally spend hours exploring my city or solar system and I am constantly discovering new features of this program. Go Explore!!!

GigaPan Image of the Golden Gate Bridge

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