Thursday, 2 April 2009

Chrome Market Share Increases Again, IE Drops Again

Google Chrome's market share increased by 0.08% to 1.23% for the month of March while IE decreased by 0.62% to 66.82%. This trend has been occurring for Chrome since it's release and for IE since July 2007 when it had a 79.26% market share. So, these numbers indicate that people are getting tired of IE's slowness and are starting to install the faster browsers like Chrome and Firefox (now 22.05% market share, increasing trend). 

I have been using Chrome since day 1. Initially some webpages would not load properly and plugins were working, now all of that seems to be fixed and the speed is blazing fast. Sometimes I try out newer versions of IE and FF, after a few slow page loads, especially for IE, I switch back to Chrome. Google Chrome rules!!


  1. Hi Sheldon. Thanks for your comment over at Blogging Idol on the Pre/IPhone "debate"...and for leaving a link to your blog! I'm a big "Chrome" fan, and have also been using it since Day 1. I toggle between Chrome, FireFox and IE depending on where I am (work, rest or play), but Chrome is hands down the fastest....have you tried switching to one of the other "channels" to get more "frequent" updates....well recommended... Cheers - Pedro

  2. No, I haven't tried it yet, but will probably do so today, thanks.