Sunday, 12 April 2009

Viva La Vevo: Universal and Google Partner Up

Universal Music Group and Google have teamed up to create a video/music entertainment site called Vevo. A deal like this was sort of expected since Google has been having difficulties making money off of the heavily trafficked YouTube. Advertising revenue will be split between the two giants and at this moment, only Universals content and artists will appear on Vevo but they are hopeful that other major players in the music/video industry will sign up (rumors have it that Sony Pictures is about to sign on to YouTube).

Right now there is only a landing page on the Vevo site. You can follow them on Twitter ( and sign up via email for updates (I did!!!). Hopefully, music/video will be added soon and people outside the US will be able to view it, but I'm kinda thinking only the lucky Americans will be able to get this service. Yay for the movement of video and music content to the cloud :)

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