Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Google Labs Releases News Timeline and Similar Image Search

Google Labs, along with a new webpage design, has released two new features, here's some info on both of them:
  1. Google News Timeline: This organizes various search results into a graphical timeline. It collects results from many sources such Google News, YouTube, Blog Search , archival newspapers and magazines from Google News Archive. The search time can be set along with timeline of results. Check out the pic below of a search that I did for the St. Louis Blues, my favorite hockey team that is down 3 games to 0 in the Stanley Cup Playoffs:

    You can see that I have two sources selected, Time Magazine
    and Wikipedia, these can be changed to any of the sources mentioned previously (i.e., blogs). Other options are available but honestly, I do not find this latest labs feature that useful.

  2. Similar Images: This feature seems much more useful than the #1 above. With this new tool, it makes finding similar images much easier. Quite often when I'm searching for a Google Presentations image, I can find a good one, but not a great one, and I'm thinking "I know there's a better one out there." With this feature, you simply click on the similar images link below an image, and relevant images will appear. This is really neat since the searching is done based on image characteristics on not text. Check out my search for similar images for a St. Louis Blues Drawing:

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