Friday, 17 April 2009

YouTube Gets Huluish-like+ Online Video Caption Editing

YouTube announced yesterday that viewers (in the US only) will be able to watch movies and shows from Sony, CBS, MGM, Lionsgate, Starz, and BBC. To deal with these new additions, the YouTube homepage has been redesigned with two new tabs, Shows and Subscriptions.

So far, the shows/movies selection is less than ok unless your a fan of shows like "Bewitched" and films such as "Blue Lagoon." I'm thinking that most of the viewers to YouTube probably aren't into this type of programming. Maybe this will change if users are charged fees, as mentioned by Google CEO Erich Schmidth on Thursday. YouTube is also hoping to make money off of Google TV Ads Online, which is still in testing mode. Advertisers will be able to use to to insert ads within the ad breaks for TV shows.

Other news in the world of YouTube is a new web app. called CaptionTube that allows users to add captions to their videos all online. In the past, this would have to be done offline using third party software, which was a real pain. Maybe CaptionTube will develop into a full online video editor?

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