Tuesday, 31 March 2009

ESPN And ABC Are Coming To YouTube

Youtube, your favorite online video watching/sharing site is now getting ad-supported channels from ESPN and Disney/ABC. The official press release from Youtube states that the agreement "includes the launch of multiple ad-supported channels featuring short-form content from ESPN and the Disney/ABC Television Group." The ESPN content will arrive in mid-April and early May for ABC for US viewers, no announcement has been given regarding viewership for outsiders (not living in the US) like myself. To view these channels all you have to do is go to or I checked out the ABC YouTube preview and it looks like viewer's will be able to view short videos of hit shows such as Grey's Anatomy and full episodes of lower rating shows like scrubs along with behind the scenes footage and interviews. I couldn't access the ESPN preview since I'm in Canada :( but it's expected there will be lots of highlights and some sporting events on their channel.

Youtube had to make a move like this since they were failing at making money from advertising and loosing viewers to the highly popular Hulu. In the near future more networks will add content and more people will be able to access it. People want to be able to watch their favorite tv shows anytime and any place (woohoo for the cloud!!) and the tv networks are finally realizing this. I am so glad that I signed up for unlimited video streaming for my lg dare cellphone!!

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