Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Google Docs Spreadsheets Can Finally Import Excel 07 Files

Update: Google also added a list view that allows a very simplified view of your spreadsheet. Note that this was added to the mobile version a few weeks ago. Check out the pic below. 

Today, Google Docs Spreadsheets received an update. The biggest feature added is the ability to import Excel 07 files although there is no exporting to this file type. Other updates include:
  1. New features added to Motion Charts such as bar charts and zooming (click here to see the pic below in action). 

  2. Automatic identity for Google Apps users completing forms, this means that email addresss will be automatically collected for Google Apps members completing forms. 
  3. Finally, the form summary page can be printed through the browsers Print menu. 


  1. Is there a way to "automaticaly" create forms out of a spreadsheet, where all the questions are in the top row of a spreadsheet? This way, it wouldn't be necesarry to create every question seperately...

  2. Nope, the only way to create a form is to go into the form editor. It would be nice if it could be done the way that you suggest, it would save a lot of time.