Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Google Experiments With Chrome Experiments

As everyone knows, Google Chrome contains a very powerful JavaScript engine. Google has decided to to show off this with Chrome Experiments. To get a sense of what this actually is, check out the video below this post. Basically, it shows what the Chrome Browser is capable of doing (I find it kind of trippy, definitely need some Pink Floyd music playing). The Chrome team decided to put this interesting note in their blog:

Although you don't need Google Chrome to view the site, some of the experiments may run slower, or incorrectly, in older browsers. To download Google Chrome, click here.
Personally, I find it kind of cheesy that Google mentioned this; I tried a bunch of them in FF and they worked fine. Anyways, these experiments really show the power of Chrome, hopefully (and Google is really hoping for this) their market share will continue to rise from the low 1.15%