Thursday, 5 March 2009

Sharing With Google Health

For anyone using Google Health, you can now share your information with others. Just in case you didn't know, Google Health is a service that allows you to organize all of your health (doctors, pharmacies) information in one place.
Its simply a great idea, and I have been using it ever since I hit the big 3-0. Since I'm in Canada, I cannot link to other services (i.e, pharmacies) that have my health records , but I find it great for my own personal account of my health history. Now, Google Health users like myself can share their profile with anyone (other features in pics below). This is done by simply sending a link to the desired person(s). For security issues, the link (which expires after 30 days) cannot be forwarded on to others, the person can only view the shared part (which you select) of your profile, sharing can be disabled, and you can view who has seen your profile. This is a great idea and reduces a lot of the communication problems and use of paper in the health field. Now if Google can solve the problem of paper receipts at stores!! 

Wallet Sized Printing of Health Information

New Graphing Feature Added to Google Health

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