Friday, 20 February 2009

Google Presentations Gets New Features

It seems that the folks at Google Docs have been listening to their users, more features have been added to Google Presentations.
  1. Objects can be flipped horizontally and vertically. The Docs team is calling this rotate, but it is far from true rotation.
  2. Objects can be aligned to different areas of slides.
  3. There can now be an even distribution of x and y space between objects.
  4. Objects can be horizontally and vertically centered on slides.
  5. In Presentation mode, the default is no longer showing the Chat sidebar. Also, various options such as Printing and Producing a Duplicate are available from a menu at the bottom of the screen.
These are OK additions, but where are the major additions such as insert symbols, true rotation, more animations, slide transitions, and the ability to draw objects. Currently I am using Sliderocket to work on a presentation, it is much more advanced than Google Presentations. I'm seriously considering using this to meet my presentation needs.