Monday, 9 February 2009

Calendar/Contact Synching for iPhone and Windows Mobile

My girlfriend has had a Blackberry Pearl for 8 months and I've heard her mention quite a few times about syncing Google Calendar and Gmail contacts with her Blackberry calendar and contacts information, now it is available for the iPhone and Windows Mobile devices.This is an amazing app, basically contacts and calendar events will be synced between your phone and Gmail/Google calendar, all within a matter of minutes. This will be really useful when upgrading your phone. In the past 8 months I have went through 3 phones (2 broke within 30 days), and having to enter contact information is a real pain. So, in order for this to work, your phone must support SyncML (do a Google search to see if your phone is supported). If your phone can support this awesome feature, check the  device-specific information. My phone, the LG-Dare, doesn't support this feature, boohoo, but it is a nice user friendly phone, hopefully in the future LG and Google will become friends.

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