Monday, 2 February 2009

Google Earth 5.0 and Gmail Tasks for the iPhone/android

     Well, today has been a big day for Google, it began with the announcement of Google Earth 5.0 and continued with Gmail tasks available for iPhone and Android users. With Google Earth 5.0, you can now explore the ocean. I downloaded 5.0 and gave it a shot, it is truly amazing when you hold down on the PageUp key to zoom in and you go beneath the ocean and can travel the seafloor in 3D. I won't say much more about this, but definitely check out any continental shelf, the relief here is amazing. It should be noted that you have to check off the new ocean layer to do this exploring, also there are tonnes of data points for your ocean exploring. Other features of this update are historical imagery, which allows you to see several images over the years for many different locations (given as a timeline), make sure to check out the melting of the polar ice caps, truly scary. This new version of Google Earth also has 3D Mars, I haven't had time to check it out, but you can explore the 3D terrain of Mars (in the same menu location as Sky) and there are a lot of high resolution images. The final feature is Touring, which allows users to easily add narrated, flythroughs of tour locations. 
    The other announcement, not quite as big though, is Gmail tasks are now available for iPhone and Android users, and can be accessed from any xhtml phone. Like the Gmail computer version, tasks can be added/deleted with ease. Make sure to check out the official Gmail blog for a very funny way of promoting their new tasks addition. 

Explore the ocean (above) and new Gmail Tasks for Mobile (below).

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