Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Gmail Outage: Maybe They Want Everyone To Go Offline?

Update: On The Official Google Blog, an announcement has been made stating that the Gmail outage is over. Many apologies are also present on this post. 

At first I thought it was my internet connection as I saw
Gmail loading very slow and then no new messages were on in my inbox; this was at my home computer where offline access is not enabled. I came to work and could check emails that came in last night since I have offline access enabled on my work computer, maybe Google wants everyone to have this?  Maybe they are saying, "if you had offline access enable, you could check those important emails." Next I came across this post on the Official Google Blog. The problem with Gmail was discovered 9:30 GMT, and right as I am writing this post, Gmail appears to be working again in Canada and most of the US. Anyways, when events like this happen, it brings up the scariest point when depending on the cloud, if it goes down, all of our services will also go. For me, the advantages of cloud computing heavily outweigh this disadvantage. 

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