Friday, 27 February 2009

Google Maps: Maps Maker Graduates and User Photos In Street View

Google Maps is a fantastic program, and what's making it even better is that users like yourself, can edit maps and release them to the web via Google Maps Maker. This week, there were 16 graduates (countries) and these are now all present in Maps:

There has been a lot of work put into these Maps, some users have added up to 10,000 edits. This is truly fantastic that people will commit their time to work on editing these maps. I guess the whole driving force between this and open source in general is that people enjoy working on projects that they are extremely interested in. Anyways, check out the before and after photo below to see how this editing has added to the richness of Google Maps:
Another feature added to Maps is popular photos in Panoramio can now be viewed in Streetview
Check out the video below to see how amazingly awesome this is. Soon there will be no need to travel to places, everything will be in Google Maps!!

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