Saturday, 20 September 2008

Remote Signout with Gmail

To start with, I'll give you my email history. Prior to 1999, I was not a computer person, in fact, I hated them. This changed when a professor at Sir Wilfred Grenfell College gave an assignment that required 3 references from the world wide web. I though, "what the hell is this?" Then a friend introduced me to the internet and this thing called "electronic mail" and showed me how to sign up for a Hotmail account. I was blown away. Now, fast forward 6 years to 2005, I was a Bachelor of Education student at Memorial University of Newfoundland and a friend told me about Gmail and sent me an invitation to sign up, which was required back in those days. Within a week I sent out an email telling my friends to send emails to Gmail, I loved the huge storage of over 1 GB, its well designed interface, and mostly, threaded replies. Now fast forward to 2008, I am still a Gmail user, and have abandoned the hotmail account. Gmail has grown tremendously with a host of new features. One of these is Remote Signout. Basically,you can remotely sign out from any computer from anywhere. This was very useful for me today. After doing some East Coast Trail maintenance, I stopped into a friend's house, checked my email, drank a Corona, and left. I got back home, surfed the web with Google Chrome and then realized that I forgot to sign out of Gmail at my friends house. Next, I signed into Gmail, looked at my last account activity, examined the details and saw that I was still signed in on my friends computer, and then clicked on sign out all other sessions; this signed me out from Gmail at my friends house. Once again, Google has made life a whole lot easier.
Remote Signout Works Wonders!!

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