Monday, 22 September 2008

Google Roundup for September 16th-21st

Hello folks, welcome back for some more news in the world of Google, and I may sound like a broken record or mp3 player, it has been another busy week in the house of Google:
  • For iPhone users, there is a new application called Earthscape and is available for free at the Apps Store and is very Google Earth-like.
  • For all you people who don't want to upgrade from the free Google Earth version but want GPS tracking with Google Earth, check out this application called Navigator. This is able to automatically log tracks to a KML file and also has USB interface support.
  • There is an updated version of the Arctic ice animations, check out the 30-day animation , 60-day and 90-day animations. These new animations have better coverage and higher resolution.
  • Check out before and after photos of Hurricane Ike by clicking on this file for an overlay overlay image .
  • Something that I didn't know was released on the Adsense blog. It is not a violation of program policies to perform searches on one's own Adsense for search boxes. But, it is highly recommended that you do not do this because it will increase the chance of invalid clicks and provide an false view of activity on your site.
  • Google Desktop 5.8 has been released and is much faster than previous versions and search covers more Outlook folders and gadgets now have support for flash.
  • Gmail labs has some new features; (1) ability to put labels and chat friends on the right and left side of the window instead of being stacked and (2) "Mark as Read" button can be added to top of inbox (this was created by a guy named Mark).
  • Gears has been released for Safari on OS X, it can be downloaded at
  • Google Maps for mobile has been released and now included Street View. Check out the video below (the guy should invest in a new bicycle!!!). Note that this is available for Blackberry and most Java-enabled phones.
  • Google Audio Indexing has been added which as allows searching of audio within videos, super awesome!! This can be found at Google labs.
  • Those environmentally-sound Google people have joined forces with GE to allow consumers better energy choices. They basically want all aspects of power to be improved and the smart grid implemented.
  • Google search is now available in Pirate, yep that's right, pirate.
Coolest Feature of the Week: For all of those people out there who forget to attach the attachment in a email, Gmail labs has a Forgotten Attachment Detector. When this is activated, an alert will occur when you forget to attach a file. Neat hey?

Google Maps for Mobile

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