Tuesday, 23 September 2008


Just in case you haven't heard, Google, T_Mobile, and HTC released the gPhone today, which is a HTC phone running Google's android operating system. This is not released in Canada yet, hopefully soon though, but some American specs include; (1) a cost of $180, which is cheaper than the iPhone, (2) goes on sale starting Oct. 22nd, (3) it has a GPS, WiFi, a touchscreen, an accelerometer, a camera, Gmail, Google Maps, a Webkit-based browser (just like Safari on the iPhone), and an App market, (4) keyboard that flips out, (5) a built in compass, (6) more than one app can be ran at a time, (7) and in the words of Google's founders, its as powerful as a computer made just a few years ago. Check out the video below.

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