Monday, 15 September 2008

Google Roundup for September 7th - 15th

Well folks, its been a busy weekend up here in Newfoundland, with events ranging from installing HE washers to afternoon bicycle rides. In the past week, Google has been just as busy, here another round of news:
  • All English users of Blogger can now use the Blogger Following feature.
  • Check out these cool Google Earth links: PC World Top 10 Amazing Add-ons, 51 Places You Can't See in Google Maps, and this link about a giant tribute to Lenin.
  • Picasa Web Albums can be used to directly upload photos from one's email and phone, check out this post for more details.
  • New features have been added to Gmail labs: reply with only selected text; default reply to all, ability to set start and end dates for vacation auto response, create own custom color combinations, and drag and drop items in the Navbar.
  • In the mobile world, Google has introduced Search with My location, which will provide localized search results. Note that this is available in the US and UK only (for now) and only works on certain phones.
  • For Blackberry users, Google has released Mobile App for Blackberry. This acts as a central point for Google services and can be found at on the Blackberry device.
  • Once again, old is new. Google is making old newspapers new by allowing them to be available online. These can be accessed by searching the Google News Archive or by using the timeline feature after searching Google News.More and more newspapers will be added and the oldest newspaper, the Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph, is also available for search.
We're on the Moon!!!

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