Sunday, 7 September 2008

Google Roundup for August 31st to September 7th

Most of the news has already been covered so far this week. The biggest item was the release of Google Chrome which is a super fast stable browser and this was followed by the release of Picasa 3.0 beta  which is a big improvement over previous versions. The rest of the news is rather limited but here it goes:
  • New imagery has been released in Google Earth.
  • There is a new sublayer in Google Earth called "Hurricane Season 2008", and what a season it has been so far. This has forecasted paths along with current positions of active Atlantic Hurricanes. 
  • Check out this KML file showing all the satellites . All I can say is super cool, there are about 13000 of them up there. 

Since the release of Google Chrome, I have been using it a lot. Things I love about it are its speed, management of downloads (FF3 has this annoying blinking window), ability to add shortcuts to web applications (Google Docs) which has caused me to use them more often, and the layout. It looks like Google has another winner. 

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