Tuesday, 16 September 2008

I Want a Blackberry Storm!!

I mentioned sometime back that I am a recent cellphone owner and about after owning it for about 1 week, all I could think about was getting a smartphone. I have a 2-year contract signed with Telus and I'm giving myself 1-year with my current phone, then it's time to get a smartphone. The iphone is simply amazing, but up here in the Great white North, Canada, Rogers is the only phone company that has it and for us here in Newfoundland, that only means service in the St. John's area and Corner Brook. If you are outside of these areas, which I am for about 1 month a year, there is zero service. So, the iPhone is not an option for me. I definitely want a touchscreen, and I love Blackberrys, so I saw this story about the Blackberry storm, which is a touchscreen Blackberry. All I gotta say is that I want it......BADLY!! Up until about a few hours, there was a video of the Blackberry storm, but it has been pulled down, boo!!! Some of the specs of this phone are a very high resolution screen (highest for RIM ever), full html browsing, 3.2 MP camera, visual voicemail, and all of the standard Blackberry goodies. I can't wait for this storm (aka possible iPhone killer)  to head North. 

The Storm             

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