Friday, 15 August 2008

There is an Android (a.k.a. Possible iPhone Killer) Coming

To begin with I used to be a cell phone hater, I thought it was just another bill, and a total waste of money. Two months ago I purchased a Motorola Krzr, and it has changed my life so much that I cut most of my features on the home phone. I was thinking about getting a smartphone, but at the time the new iPhone 3G was coming out and it was only offered by Rogers in Canada, I wanted to wait for a while until some competition dropped the prices and other competitive smartphones came out (Apple products are too expensive!!!!). Now it looks like the first Android phone should be released from T-Mobile this fall, hopefully before the holiday spending spree, and will be on a HTC phone (Check out the YouTube video below). There will be an Apps store, hopefully with many being available and useful; Android will need it if it wants to compete with the iPhone. Originally there was supposed to be many Android based phones, but they were all delayed until 2009. What this means is that the world of smartphones will evolve rapidly over the next 6-12 months, damn its hard to keep up with technology hey?

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