Sunday, 3 August 2008

Google Roundup For July 28th - August 2nd
This week has been sort of quiet on the Google front, with only a few updates and new features on Google Products, here it goes:
  • Again more Google Earth news, and this involves the upcoming Beijing Olympics. The satellite imagery has been updated showing the venues for the upcoming Olympics and some of the buildings are done in 3D. Hopefully the air quality will improve, it is going to be brutal for the athletes trying to compete in the pollutant rich air. Also, like the majority of people, I am outraged that the media covering the Beijing Olympics are subjected to censorship via blocking of certain Internet sites (i.e., Google Searching democracy). This is the year 2008, I had thought that those days were behind us.
Beijing Olympic Buildings in Google Earth
  • For the Google Sites users (I still haven't tried this product), you can now change the width of the whole site (previously 100%), text boxes, sidebar and header or these can be turned off completely. Another well needed improvement that has been added is being able to preview the site in a viewer.
  • I just visited the Google Page Creator site and they are not allowing any new signups. They want people to start using Google Sites, and those with existing Google Page Creator web pages will have to switch to Google Sites later this year, hopefully this will be somewhat automated.
  • Google Apps is becoming very popular, there are currently more than one million users worldwide in the education field. Some big schools using this include the University of San Diego and Notre Dame. I am using it for most of my new documents, with the exception of those that contain private student information (its a rule at my university). I just love the beauty of being able to access the docs anywhere.
  • The YouTube Screening Room has over 5 million views since it was launched over a month ago, amazing. New features added to this include an easier way to leave film comments and an easier way to get reminders of new films released every two weeks.

That is all for this week, come back again next week for more Google News.

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