Sunday, 24 August 2008

Microsoft + Jerry Seinfeld = Stuck In The 90's
In case you haven't heard, Microsoft is going to get Jerry Seinfeld to advertise its Vista OS, for the low low price of $300 million. I'll admit that I still watch reruns of Seinfeld, that show about nothing is just so funny, I actually want the commercials to be good, even though I am not much of a Microsoft fan. But, I just can't see how these commercials are going to help Vista, Microsoft just isn't "cool" anymore and the public sees Vista as an overpriced bad product. On the opposite end of the spectrum, the area of cool belongs to Google and Apple , they release products that are extremely user friendly, are updated frequently, and changes are made to better the user experience. Microsoft seems not to be following these basic guidelines, Vista is absolutely brutal. Now I'll admit that I own a computer running Windows XP, but the reason for this is cost, Apples are too pricey for me, and convenience, I would love to switch to Linux but it would cause so many compatibility problems at home and at work.
If this was the late 90's when Seinfeld was at its peak, and Microsoft was closing in on it's own high, the commercials would have been a great success. Now they'll be as cool as plastic rubber bracelets, extremely baggie jeans, Limp Bizkit, and that greasy dirty grunge look.

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