Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Google Docs: Keep the Updates Coming!!

Two updates were just released for Google Docs. The first is for probably the weakest offering of the Google Docs package, Presentations. One of the key offerings that this was missing was animations. I use these in my presentations, nothing too flashy, but for some points you want it to just appear on demand. Now it is possible to do this, in Google terms it is called sequential reveal. When an object is clicked on, a box will appear around it, right click and Incremental Reveal can be selected. There are no flashy animations, just appear, but it gets the job done. Another excellent feature introduced is full screen mode in documents. This can be accessed through the view menu or by hitting Ctrl+Shift+F, awesome. I think it is excellent how this free software is constantly updated, Microsoft and Corel should give this a try. With Microsoft the wait is ~3 years with significant illogical changes, for Corel the wait is 1 year with very few changes, if any. Free is the way to go these days.

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