Sunday, 10 August 2008

Google Roundup for August 3rd - August 10th

Things picked up from last week with a ton of news/updates. Lets begin:
  • This is one of many Google Earth updates. There is a new layer for the Olympic Games, just go under Geographic Web>Places>Summer Games 2008. It is really cool, it will give you such things as today's events and fly you to the event location.
  • Some of the icons in Google Earth have changed, check out this post for details.
  • Finally road maps for China have been added to Google Maps, definitely done in time for the Olympics. I recently bought a Motorola KRZR cell phone, accessing Google Maps mobile definitely makes life much easier.
  • Check out the pic below of Michael Weiss-Malik who proposed during a street view shot outside of the Googleplex in Mountain View. Also take notice of the long lines.

View Larger Map
  • New street view imagery is available for Google Earth and Maps. Countries added to the list are Australia and Japan, hopefully street view will hit Canada soon.
  • Check out the Google Earth Plug-in Driving Simulator. Note that this is only available for Windows users.
  • If your an Olympics fan (I find it OK), take a quick look at the Summer Games section provided by Google News. To see more Olympic related products from Google, check out this blog.
  • For people in the US, Walgreens has been added as a print provided. I didn't know the order prints feature existed for Canadian users, but we only have one provider :(
  • In an earlier blog that I posted, I gave Google Sites an excellent review. Every user can now use Sites on their own domain, and use their own URL.
  • To keep track of the Olympic games, check out the 2008 Summer Games Gadget for Google Desktop. For cellphone users, go to
  • Google Docs recently won an award in the Breakthrough Product Category for Windows IT Pro Magazine, I definitely agree with that one.
gadget screenshot #1
Olympic Gadget for Google Desktop
This was definitely a busy week on the Google front. Hopefully it will be another exciting week in the world of Google.

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