Sunday, 24 August 2008

Google Roundup for August 17th-24th

The Olympics are almost over....two weeks of sports I barely watch is enough for me. Here is some news/updates in the world of Google:
  • Check out this Google Earth visualization of geothermal energy available in the US. This allows viewing of geothermal energies at various depths along with time animation to view the different depths.
  • Google News has released a feature called cross-language search, not much else to say here, pretty self explanatory except that you will only see results in a different language if they are as good as those in your own language.
  • If your interested in the US political campaign, check out Here you can see news shared by the Obama and McCain political campaigns, this is viewed in Google Reader.
  • If your a Google Checkout user, you can save money ($5 or more) at many stores, note that this is for a limited time.
  • If your you are using YouTube on your phone, you may have seen some display ads on pages of the YouTube mobile site in US and Japan.
That's it for news in the house of Google, check back again next week.
Google Earth+Geothermal Energy

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