Thursday, 29 January 2009

Gmail Goes Offline

Update: I can now access Gmail offline!! The installation is very simple, and took about 10 mins, check out the pics below. 

Gmail can now be used offline!! This is an experimental feature but it means that even without an internet connection, you can visit within the web browser and get access your email. This works similar to Google Docs offline, and requires the installation of  Google Gears. Messages can be read, labeled, starred, and those sent will do so when a connection is detected. There is also a flaky detection mode, for those extremely slow or unreliable connections whereby the local cache is used but mail is synchronized with the server. This will be available within the next few days US or UK English users can try it out by visiting the Labs tab. This is a great addition to Gmail, and will silence some of the critics of web-based email who use the argument of "what happens when the internet goes down?" Now we (yes we) finally have an answer. 

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