Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Google Web Drive in 2009?

Update: Check out this article released today on blogoscoped, it seems like the GDrive is going to happen.

As reported by blogoscoped, there are indications that a GDrive (Google Drive) may be coming in 2009. Apparently, the Mac version of Picasa, which was recently released, has a "Google Web Drive" option. Here is a screenshot:

Also, Todd Jackson, who is Gmail's product manager, said the following in a CNET interview:

We know people’s file sizes are getting bigger. They want to share their files, keep them in the cloud, and not worry about which computer they’re on. Google wants to be solving these problems

So it seems that Gmail is very concerned about file sizes. Just in case you were wondering, the GDrive would be a cloud storage device, so files could be accessed from anywhere. If this is released, it is going to be big, can you imagine having your music collection available from anywhere? We wouldn't need an iPod, all we would need is a device with an internet connection. Also, if this is released, will Google still push it's cloud computing software such as Google Docs? If the files are available in the cloud, than all that is needed is the software to run it. Anyways, 2009 looks to be a very interesting year on the Google front.

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  1. The concept has been around for years. But with Google behind it, and as a free service, it could really blow the past competition out of the water. Most of the "free file hosts" have low quotas and are filled with either cluttered interfaces, an overabundance of ads and marketing attempts, or just plain suck. C'mon Google! :)