Friday, 2 January 2009

Google Chrome's Market Share Above 1%

Preliminary figures released by Net Applications show that Chrome's market share increased from 0.83% in November to 1.04% in December. FireFox increased from 20.78% to 21.34%, Safari increased to 7.93% to 7.13%, and IE fell to 68.15% from 69.77% (in Feb. 2008, this number was 74.88%),  that's a decrease of 1.52%. Net Applications noted that results may not be accurate because of a lower amount of workplace internet usage, browsers such as FF and Safari have a higher proportion of home usage. I think that these numbers are showing that users are finally realizing there are excellent alternatives to IE, hopefully one of these will come prepackaged with Windows and more people will realize that IE is a terrible (and slow) browser. 

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