Monday, 5 January 2009

Santa Gave Me a LG Dare

Santa gave me an amazing gift this year: a LG Dare. The story of this gift begins with me owning a Motorola Krzr, the phone was OK but the internet was absolutely brutal (awkward and slow) and I wanted a phone that could do a whole lot more. I decided that I wanted a touchscreen phone, and my list consisted of the following:
  1. iPhone: This phone looked amazing, but since I already had a contract with Telus, and this is only available with Rogers up here in Canada, it would have cost me a lot of money to get this phone. I also heard of monthly bill horror stories, and Rogers service for cellphones is only good for the larger centers in Newfoundland, St. John's and Corner Brook. Since I am from a very small community, Robinson's, the iPhone wouldn't work there. 

  2. Samsung Instinct: This phone looked really nice, similar features to the LG Dare, and just a bit more expensive than the Dare, $399 vs. $349. 

  3. LG Dare: I decided to go with this phone because of its smaller size than the instinct, better camera (3.2 MP vs. 2.0 MP), cheaper price,  and just an overall better look and feel. 
I've been using the Dare since Christmas Day, and I am very happy. The touchscreen is very responsive, the internet is extremely fast, the camera has many options,  videos are of good quality (black and white can be shot), the charging screen can be set as a clock, icons are customizable, the menu system is very user friendly and seems to be well thoughtout, a drawpad is present (rough sketching and handwriting recognition), and photos can be edited. I find this such a good phone that I am spending less time on my desktop computer and more on the phone, it's excellent to have on hand when watching some TV or trying to fall asleep before bed. The only negative things of this phone are the poor support of Google Mobile Apps and the lack of apps in general. If your looking for a high quality cost effective ($0 on a 3-yr contract from Telus) touchscreen phone, definitely check out the dare.

LG Dare (Telus) Review

Photo of beautiful Twillingate NL taken with the Dare

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