Thursday, 2 October 2008

New Redesigned Google Blog Search

Heres some good news for us bloggers out there, Google has created a new homepage for new homepage for Google Blog Search. This looks and feels very similar to Google News whereby blog posts are placed in categories (top stories) on the left panel, and the main page has top/new blogs listed covering a range of topics. When a category is clicked on from the left panel, this goes to top/new blogs within that category. Then when the number of stories for a blog topic is clicked, in this example, Microsoft talking about its new cloud, a graph of number of blogs vs. time is shown. As a side note, it seems like Microsoft is constantly trying to catchup with Google these days. I think that this will be a great way for bloggers to increase traffic. In the past I would try to read a few blogs everyday, but finding what I wanted to read was difficult. It was if blogs were just thrown out there, no real organization, and if you might find what you wanted to read. This is an excellent way of organizing blogs and telling which topics are popular.

New Google Blog Search Homepage

Blogs Within a Topic

#Blogs vs. Time

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