Thursday, 9 October 2008

Enjoying Apple iPond Nano 4th Gen

This is an  unrelated Google post, but I had to put it out there. I have been an iPod user for 8 months now, my girlfriend purchased a 8 GB 3rd Gen iPod nano for me last Christmas, and I absolutely love it. Walking to work is much more enjoyable, but the primary use is for video playback. I have the universal dock and composite cables, so I can easily rent a movie with iTunes and watch it on my JVC televesion. Anyways, I returned the favour/gift and purchased the 4th Gen. iPod Nano (8 GB) for her graduation, she is amazed by it. Feature wise it is similar to the 3rd Gen, the look is much different, but the biggest difference is that when turned horizontal, the screen also turns such that the image is also horizontal. This feature is called the accelerometer and can be also used with games, basically actions on the screen responds to iPod movement/orientation. Check out the video below, super cool!!
My iPod

           iPod 4th Gen Accelerometer in Action

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  1. I do love my Ipod Nano, 4th Gen.... You are a good boyfriend. The BEST boyfriend!!!

    Love, Jayne