Thursday, 16 October 2008

Google Docs Has Footnotes!!

Google Docs keeps adding great features. Footnotes can now be added, all you have to do is click on Insert and than Footnote. These will appear on screen in the document margin. When printed, they will be at the bottom of the page and the same is true when exported as a .pdf. For the other file formats they will appear at the end of the document as endnotes. Hopefully the next thing on the list for Google Docs will be an equation editor and .pdf editor. 

Update 12:10 p.m.: This feature was available at 6 a.m. ET, I tried accessing it at 8:30 a.m. ET and it was removed from the Insert menu, must have been some bug with it. When it is working again I'll includ
e a screen shot.  

Update 2:30 p.m.: The new Footnote feature is now accessible, check out the screenshot below. 

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