Sunday, 19 October 2008

New iGoogle Interface + More News

The coolest news item of the week is the revamped iGoogle (iG)  design. This now features full canvas views for gadgets and support for full feed reading (check out the Reader gadget). So, in the pic below, when I click on Google Docs, the gadget panel will switch to just Google docs. As you will notice, the tabs are gone and replaced with a navigation panel. I am a huge fan of this new design. Now for the rest of the news in the world of Google. 


  1. Are they going to get rid of that stupid sidebar? It's senseless to take up that much of my screen real estate to show me a list of what I'm already looking at. Using iGoogle with the sidebar actually makes me nauseous.

  2. Doubtful if they will get rid of it, I liked it in the beginning but just find it OK now.