Tuesday, 13 October 2009

My Next Computer Will Be An iPod Touch

I've made a very important decision; I am going to buy an iPod Touch soon!! I currently own a desktop computer and I spend a lot of time online, this equals a lot of time spent at my desk, and this equals me getting really tired of sitting on a once comfortable chair and once modern desk. With the newest iPod touch (Apple calls it a pocket computer) I can do most of my online stuff, plus play some really great games and use it to cart my music around. Since I have Wi-Fi all through my apartment, I can do all of these things away from my desk. I could purchase a smartphone to meet my needs, but they are damn expensive. For my uses, one would probably cost me ~$100/month which is too much for a laboratory instructor paying off student loans. 

I plan on purchasing the 32 GB iPod touch since this version has more features than the 8 GB and 16GB, most important is OpenGL graphic support which will be very important for future iPod Touch games. The cheapest price I could find online is futureshop, $298.99 + taxHow am I going to finance this? I currently own a 3rd Gen iPod nano, this will be hopefully sold on eBay, and suprisingly, I should be able to get ~$140 for it. So all I have to do is come up with another $200 and it'll be mine, woo hoo!! How am I going to get the remaining $200? That part I'm still working on....

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  1. I love my iPod Touch. It's great for times when I'm out grabbing a coffee and want to give my e-mail a quick check, compose a message, update a status, check a blog. But it's no replacement for my MacBook.

    Keep in mind, the Touch doesn't have flash. Fine for most situations, but every now and then it bites you in the ass. Also, Safari on the Touch isn't quite the same bleeding edge browser as what we have on our computers, so certain sites like Facebook force you to depend on their "app" version. Fortunately Facebook, for example, has finally put out an app worthy of the site's normal functionality, but depending on what other sites you use your mileage may vary.

    The Touch is a fantastic mobile device. Incredible, even. In a lot of ways it is like having a computer in your pocket - just not necessarily the computer you're used to.