Monday, 12 October 2009

The Google Docs Interface Gets Rehauled

The Google Docs interface finally got a makeover that was promised about 3 months ago. Besides the new colors (which I really am liking), multiple files can now be uploaded (so far I haven't found any limitations on how many can be uploaded) and similar to Zoho, Thinkfree, and Microsoft Office Web, a destination folder can be chosen. This is going to be such a timesaver; prior to these features I would spend so much time uploading individual files and then placing them in their destination folder.

The New Upload Interface (progress bars also appear)

The New Interface

The other big news announced today is that whole folders can now be shared. This is so much better than having to individually share every file. Again, this will be another huge timesaver. Along with this, the "Items not in folders" folder has been reinstated after a four month disappearance and subfolders can now be viewed in the "My Folders" section.

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