Sunday, 4 October 2009

Google Spreadsheets Gets Translate Function

For those Google Spreadsheet users out there, two new functions have been added to your arsenal:
  1. =GoogleTranslate("field one", "field two," field three") allows translation of a cell of text. Field one is the text to be translated, field two is the two letter language code of the the text you want to translate, and field three is the code for the language that you want the text to be tranlated into. 
  2. =DetectLanguage determines the two letter language code of the text in a cell. 
These are great functions.....if there weren't errors!! In the Google Docs help forum, users are reporting that Hindi is showing up as English when the DetectLanguage function is used!! Brutal!! Google does this frequently, that is, releasing products that are full of bugs, maybe more refinement in product releases is needed. 

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