Thursday, 11 June 2009

A Teched-out Classroom

I was tweeted this video yesterday, it's about Lawfield Elementary, which is a rebuilt school in Ontario that is now full of technological devices (a list is provided 40 seconds into the video, very impressive), I call it teched-out. This is definitely the way things are going in the educational world, and as the video says, we have to replicate in the classroom the world in which students are living. Why do we teach with chalkboards and write on paper when students spend most of their time watching and typing on their computer or smartphone? The quote below (taken from the Lawfield Elementary School website) really says it all about using technology in the classroom:

“Schools are anchored in the past and should be at the forefront of change not at the tail end. We should be change agents. Given the nature of our educational system a universal design model is the only way we can reach our goal." (William DeMille, 2008)

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