Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Imeem: Access Your Music From Anywhere

As an educator, I work hard and play hard. During the play part of my life, I rock out to some music (and also when I'm checking work email). What I've been using for music is not iTunes, nor Media Player, nor MySpace, I've been enjoying life with Imeem. With this service/site, your music is stored in the cloud which means you can have access to it from anywhere. So, when I wrote the first two sentences of this blog, I was on my home desktop computer, then I wrote some more on my girlfriends laptop, and finished this on my home desktop computer. I can access the same music because it's all stored in the cloud. There is no more transferring of songs, no more incompatibilities with file types, and no more use of the slow/clunky media players (some are). The catch to this service is that the first 100 songs uploaded are free, if you want to store 1000 songs it will cost $29.99/year and if you want 20 000 songs, it is going to cost $100/year. There is also an iPhone an Android app, so you can access your music on your smartphone. Besides uploading your own songs, you can search for a song and it to your playlist (no uploading!!), songs can be embedded in websites, songs can be purchased from vendors such as amazon, there's a ton of music videos and a bunch of social networking features. I've been using it for the past 2 weeks, and I absolutely love it. For more on cloud storage of music, check out this article

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