Tuesday, 9 June 2009

14 Signs That You Love Technology In The Classroom

Here are some of the signs that you love using technology in the classroom:
  1. During a 2.5 hour dentist appointment, you spend 2 hours thinking about student collaboration projects with Google Docs.
  2. At an In The Flesh Concert (local Pink Floyd cover band), you wonder how people are "connected" (like the facebook graphic)
  3. You have accounts for Thinkfree, Zoho, and Google Docs, you login weekly to check for updates.
  4. Each year you use different presentation technology, and you say that "PowerPoint is for the dinosaurs."
  5. You are eagerly awaiting HTML 5.
  6. You look at the source code of fellow instructor's webpages.
  7. 95% of your feeds in Google Reader are web/education related.
  8. Students call you a computer geek.
  9. You think that every student should have an smartphone android phone.
  10. You lecture students on the evils of internet explorer.
  11. Students have never heard of 95% of your software .
  12. You come to work early.
  13. You leave work late.
  14. You simply love your job.

1 comment:

  1. I wasn't sure this list pertained to me until I read: "You look at the source code of fellow instructor's webpages." Then I knew I loved using technology in my classroom. Thanks for the list.