Sunday, 12 July 2009

Will My Next Computer Be Running Google Chrome OS?

    Since this is old news in the technology world (it was announced last Tuesday), I won't go into all of the details of Google's operating system, but here are a few highlights: it's called Chrome, it's web based, it's going to be lightweight ( = fast), it's free, it will be available during the second half of 2010, it's targeted toward netbooks but will be available on desktops, it's going to be running the Linux kernel, and it is separate from Android. How well will this work? I think it will be work fine, but my concern is for areas with limited internet. I gave my analytics account a quick glance and 10% of my viewers are surfing with dial-up, how will Google deal with this group and what happens when we loose our internet connection? This doesn't happen often, but it still happens. Google Gears is obviously part of the solution. This technology allows Google Docs users to edit documents, and view spreadsheets and presentations without an internet connection (also allows Gmail users to check email without an internet connection); it performs well but has limitations. 
    It's going to be very interesting to see what Google has been working on (Chrome OS was detected back in March by CNET). They've  released (or bought) some amazing products that have pushed the technological boundaries, and they will probably do the same with Chrome OS. Will we, all 90% of computer users, switch from Windows? Maybe.....

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